Friday, 30 March 2012

Run for your Life.

Sometime back in 2001 I started running and it wasn't long before the bug took hold. After only a few months I competed in a Boxing day 5Mile run. I have always adopted the start steady and build up. I started last but didn't finish like that. My time then was 38 min

Running became apart of my lifestyle. Cycling too. But it depended on where I was living. But I feel very natural on two wheels. In my mid-twenties I was riding to and from work 12miles in about 50mins.

Now I am 36 and every year I like to do a new challenge; running in other countries, Northern Ireland in the snow, Sydney Australia, different terrains from the rolling hills on the Isle of Wight to the streets of Madrid. They all have their challenges.

Last year 2011 another new area, the triathlon. Benidorm was the location. Swim, Ride and Run is the format. I had to improve my swimming and I still am. Even though I only competed in the Popular race not the Olympic distance it was a great day. Swimming in the sea in October with red flag warnings elbow-to-elbow with a hundred others was amazing. Pulling myself out the water and running to the bike and trying to make up some time.

The season in Spain runs from May to October so I felt like a long wait. However it gave me time to improve and study my times and techniques. I was again riding the bike to work clocking 400k a month swimming 1000m a week and keeping my running to a tight 12kph.

I was surprised to see how serious the competition was in a local Biathlon, 6k run, 32k bike and 3k run. Most were wearing tight-go-fast superhero outfits and ran at a sprint. I finished almost last, 2h 5min, just beating a one legged man – no joke. But I finished and there were many that didn't. When I looked at my times it was actually a very good time for me.

Next challenge is a another local race in Alicante, 5k run 20 bike and 2.5k run. The bike has had some modifications so lets see what happens. I know what times I what to achieve so I hope I will work out.

Scott MT with road tyres, different bars and gearing changed

Other challenges to come, Trail, cross running and triathlon cross. There are also some kayak, run, ride.

Some racing History:

2009 Auatralia city 2 surf times video
2002 isle of wight

Some other links to races or runs that I have done and Ironman special.

2011 Vancouver Canada, grouse grind


  1. Me ha gustado lo de los trajes de superheroe jajaja.

    1. next week more heros! vamos a la montaña pronto