Friday, 27 April 2012

Second Triathlon

Thinking about combining twelve years of running, plenty of riding bikes and in the last year and a half swimming; into one two hour effort is and interesting mental challenge.

May 13 will be my second triathlon and the longest distance, 1000m swim in the sea, 30k riding up and down hills, then finishing with a 6k run. I have trained all of these distances so I'm hoping to finish and not last however the people that do these events are very focused and spend a lot of time and money.

Training the last few weeks has been before work, in the pool at 8am or spinning the wheels of the light-weight race bike as the sun comes up.

Reading and listening to other cyclists and triathletes, the focus of these events is to finish to get the satisfaction of a result, to see how your mind and body react to the, efforts and stresses. To be honest it's very enjoyable and there is nothing like the crossing the line at the end.

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